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As many may notice, there is quite a variety of topics I cover in my blogs. Some may find it strange that I don’t focus on just one topic or one field. My interests are very diverse; photography, writing, beauty, fashion, food, travel, art, history (pre-historic in specific), science, philosophy and many more. For those thinking I might be lost, I’m not.

To me life is all about exploration, rediscovery and truly enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.

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I am a firm believer that balance is essential in life. Being a creative director fits perfectly for my way of thinking. Unless otherwise indicated, all the work you see here, was created by me; from the concept, to the organizing and the delivery of the final piece. I chose to become a lifestyle blogger, to be able to share my experiences, share my views and simply express myself to the world. Many may not agree with the way I see life, but I am not doing this for approval. I do this to send a message out there, aimed at those who may sometimes feel like they are misunderstood or are searching for certain content. Throughout my life I always saw things differently to those around me. Not because I was wrong or they were wrong. But because every person has a different perception.

In short, I am a simple person with a complex mind.


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