A creative director with a box of tools, experience & ideas.

Creative Direction.one

Creative Direction.one is run by a freelance creative director who has collected several skills and tools over the years. The journey began with a degree in communications and an interest in human behaviour, technology, and the arts, all of which formed the toolbox. It contains knowledge, experience, and skills that have been taught, tried, and gained over the years.

Experience in management, marketing, branding, website development, SEO, content creation, content management and project management, combined with a passion for writing, photography, and acting, all of which were added to the box. This also allowed an independent creative director to find a way to balance her interests in two very different worlds; the logical and practical together with the creative and unpredictable.

By infusing creativity with an organizational nature and technical tools, this combination allowed two very distinct fields to work together towards a common goal.

Currently, Creative Direction.one offers 2 services online; website developmentcontent creation. With both services, there are no limits to skills or imagination. Creative Direction.one is ready to utilize the necessary tools in the toolbox0, as well as learn and add another tool or two along the way!

There is no ‘one structure for all’. Each project is looked at individually, prioritizing the potential and development of the business or service from within.

My aim is to make a creative vision come to life.

Website development

There is no substitution for a website. Sites are not only business cards, they are the virtual space and gives you the power to create a world of your own and share it with other users. Creative Direction.one is aware of best practices and current rules for website development. Websites are extremely flexible and one website can be aimed for many different purposes.

In website development the primary focus and make a website work is an intuitive design and device responsiveness. Intuitive website design is a decision-maker that makes users either stay on a website and want to engage with the information or leave. With the growth in the use of mobiles, responsive design has also become a rule set by search engines. If a website is not mobile responsive, it does not meet a parameter to rank on searches.

The website development services include:

  • Website structure
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • SEO set up & integration
  • Migration of website when complete

Creative Direction.one uses WordPress CMS (content management system) website development for the creation of websites. During the creation of a website, carefully chosen plugins and tools are selected to help with the website functionality and performance of the website. Focusing on projects from one-page websites, small to medium-sized websites with options to display your projects, online store, blog, services you offer, or just a site introducing you.

eCommerce (online store) website development services include:

  • Building of the main store
  • Up to 20 individual or variable products
  • Careful product categorization and tagging
  • Payment system set up
  • Delivery pricing options set up
  • All administrative tools such as invoicing and packing slip are set up to help create running an online store as easy as possible

Websites aren’t just virtual spaces, they are a chance for you to show who you are and what you do, without any limitations such as those we find on social media platforms.

You can opt for additional services:

  • Consultation: overview on the possibilities of what your website can do and build a plan for your website
  • Analytics set up and integration (Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster tools)
  • Content management: periodic changes or uploads of new information, products, etc to the website
  • Manual guide to managing your website content
  • Video call with a tutorial on how to manage your website content

When you have an appetite to learn and discover the workings of so many different skills and tools, it allows you to see the world from so many other angles. With every challenge you have a chance to expand your knowledge, and in doing so, you get a chance to discover something new about life and yourself.

Content creation

Creative Direction.one also offers the service of content creation. Written content, like before, is a perfect medium for communicating. The blog is the perfect space where an infusion of writing skills, creative vision, and marketing skills come together. There isn’t ‘a commercial structure’ set for all projects. Every project is approached individually, making sure that all the tools are utilized to cater towards the benefit of the final result.

Being a creative director and the content creator gives me all the freedom to craft a unique way of presenting the content and most importantly, giving the readers informative content.

Type of content you can opt in for:

  • Creation of written content for an article.
  • Convert technical information or research into easier approachable information that can be understood by a greater crowd.
  • Guest writing for publications.

Having vast knowledge and hands-on experience with SEO, all written content created takes search engine optimization practice into consideration. Any content creation work takes into account basic SEO practices, however, you can also opt for an additional individual focus on SEO. This will include taking a deeper and individual view into best practices that will work best for your content.

Content creation services include:

  • Written content creation for blogs or website
  • Researching topic of content
  • SEO optimization of written content
  • Reviewing already existing content

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